Dubrovnik Summer Festival is on of the most prestigious cultural event in Croatia, with a long tradition dating back to 1950. On more than 70 open-air venues of Renaissance-Baroque city of Dubrovnik a rich programme of classical music, theater, opera and dance performances is presented.

For this edition of Dubrovnik Summer Games, VIP wanted to connect cultural heritage of Dubrovnik  and its summer games with innovative technology. By creating virtual tour guide they have offered visitors a fun way to learn interesting facts about the city of Dubrovnik as well as Dubrovnik Summer Games. For the virtual guide prince of Dubrovnik was selected because of its heritage?tradition? as well as his specific looks.

During the summer games there are 3 locations in Dubrovnik (Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace and Fort Revelin) where  large visuals of the prince were placed. Pointing the app camera at the visuals, the prince would emerge talking about the history and importance of the place. At these spots you could take a picture with the prince which you could share on social networks. Along these 3 locations there were numerous printed material throughout Dubrovnik with prince’s visuals where you could use the app.