For the bigest ice cream manufacturer in the CEE we have made an augmented reality app to accompany their traditional sticker album. There are several gold stickers you could get that are actually  markers for the augmented reality app. Using the Ledo Medo 3D app you can point your smartphone camera at the sticker and bring dinosaur from that sticker to life.

Users had to collect five gold stickers featuring most popular dinosaurs like T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl.

While looking at the stickers a dinosaur appears with animations and sounds – the T-Rex has a mighty roar while Stegosaurus vrti? with his strong plated tails. But while this was great when looking at the stickers itself, we’ve got an idea – why not use the album itself for additional experience? So we’ve created a multi-level system that recognizes when a sticker is placed inside an album to activate a full set of animation. At this moment a prehistoric environment rises from the album and dinosaur steps outside his sticker and starts walking on the album. Because of our system you can follow the dinosaur across the album and don’t need to have focus on the sticker once dinosaur steps outside it.

As you need to collect stickers to use the app, we have created additional animation with a little cartoon T-Rex that is activated with just a page of the album without any additional stickers. In this way you can get the AR experience even if you haven’t got the golden stickers yet. As an extra feature we developed an infinite runner style game with this cartoon T-Rex.

As an Easter egg for our clients we added a dancing brands mascot that is activated when camera is pointed at the logo.