Virtual Reality Rollercoaster

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Virtual Reality Photo by Borna Filic/PIXSELL

Is Virtual Reality a new marketing tool? Hell yeah!

Like it or not Virtual Reality is coming and we are lucky enough to witness this giant technology shift. Like every emerging technology, before it hits the end consumer, brands create campaigns around them. In the case of virtual reality, users are now teleported inside a virtual world and can interact with a brand on a completely new level.

Just recently at Weekend media festival Croatian telecom HT decided to offer a unique experience to participants in the form of virtual reality.
The goal was to offer a truly memorable experience that will astonish festival participants. This was not an easy task since the festival gathers marketing experts from around the world who feel they’ve “seen it all”.

We managed to create a virtual reality roller coaster ride located on beautiful exotic island. To spice things up we made a double seated train, so people don’t have to ride alone.
To say the least, no one remained indifferent. In fact, the waiting line was getting bigger by the second..

Now a little bit about the technical stuff.

For the VR headset we used Oculus Rift as the best VR headset currently on the market. While Oculus Rift offers a great experience it still requires a cable connection to a powerful desktop PC. Since the event gathered over 4000 participants, it would take weeks for everybody to experience the ride.
In order to reach everyone, we also offered a Google cardboard version. It requires a cardboard VR viewer and a high end smartphone.

In the end, we can say the Weekend was filled with an adrenaline rush and hundreds of happy faces after the virtual reality experience.

Bellow you can see a 360 video of the ride