VR Shootout at Weekend Media Festival

By October 19, 2016 Uncategorized No Comments

Since last year’s Weekend Media festival was a complete success HT Croatian telecom hired us again to make another VR experience. The only guideline was, I quote: “This time let’s kick things up a notch”.
In the VR world that’s a highly challenging request, but luckily the new HTC Vive made our job a little bit easier.

The HTC just blew our mind. Why? Well, the HTC Vive has an extra sensor that enables users to move naturally through a VR environment and a pair of wireless controllers that let you interact with the VR content on a completely new level.

So for the Vive headset we made a Tron style city shootout with a platform on a tall skyscraper. The game has a two-player Co-op mode. Your job on the platform is to defend yourself from flying attacking drones. The longer you stay alive the more points you get.